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Why we chose Costa Rica

When we first visited Costa Rica several years ago…it just felt like being home. Ian and I were looking for a space that aligned with our core values: healthy and active lifestyle, love and respect for nature, safe and diverse community. We settled on the Costa Ballena region on the Pacific Ocean side of Costa Rica. This area is celebrated for its biodiversity,  beautiful coastline with several beaches and lots of water activities. For the land lovers, there is hiking, tree top trekking, zip lining, horseback riding and much more. We wanted to share the magical energy of Costa Rica and promote a healthy lifestyle with others. We have designed our retreats to give you a safe place to experience a mind shift, heart shift and or soul awakening experience.  Hence our name Soulful Healing Retreats!

Dawn James

“Sometimes you need a heart stopping event to get you to realize you are not really living, you are merely existing.” ~ Dawn James After building a successful corporate career with 20+ years in executive leadership roles, Dawn James realized that her success came with a high price tag—a price she was no longer willing to pay. Her 70-hour work week caused her to miss many family dinners, sporting events and school plays—memories she could never recapture. Eventually, the physical, mental and emotional stress took its toll on her, bringing her elaborate corporate career to a screeching halt! After a heart stopping ‘ wake up call’ she walked away from her corporate career, she spent 18 months of intense soul searching, which jump-started her writing career. Having now authored seven books on conscious living, Dawn knew that she had to share her gift with the world at large. In 2010, she founded Publish and Promote, a medium by which she teaches new and aspiring authors to do what she did: share their story in excellence and connect to their best audience! Her spiritual journey guided her back to her first love – music. After studying several healing modalities, she now specializes in sound healing for individuals and small groups. Once she and her husband became empty nesters, they combined their talents and passions to create transformational retreats for people worldwide. A highly sought-after international speaker and mentor to many, today Dawn teaches others how to live in the flow of life with health, wealth and inner peace, through wellness, empowerment, business and writing retreats.

Ian James

Ian James is the founder of Be Fit Be Well – offering elite sports performance training, personal fitness training and online personal training. Ian has dedicated his entire personal and professional life to physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. His dedication and commitment to fitness excellence led him to become an Olympian and Master Fitness Trainer. He has traveled the globe with the Canadian Olympic team for over 12 years and had the pleasure to work with and gain knowledge from some of the top sports, fitness, health and wellness professionals in the world. At the end of his Olympic career, Ian transformed his personal passion for fitness excellence into helping others achieve their fitness and sports goals.  Ian holds a sports management degree, National Coaching Certificate (level III), Personal Fitness Trainer Certification and Master Fitness Personal Trainer Certification. His website www.bfitbwell.com   “I know first hand the importance that a balanced lifestyle has in maintaining peak performance and good health. As a former high-performance athlete, I have gained extensive sports and fitness knowledge and now I bring that knowledge to you!” – Ian James, B.Sc. Master Personal Trainer

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